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Admirals Counsel

The Admirals Counsel is comprised of the Admiral positions. The AC is where all rule creations, changes and fixes will be made, as well as promotions, demotions and member removals (discharges).

Any thread that is tagged with "(AC)" means that it is an Admirals Counsel discussion only. You may watch it, but only Commander AC sit-ins may post there.
There may be a few exceptions where we allow Commanders into the AC.

Inactive Movement Cycle (IMC/IRC)

Around every month there will be an event called the Inactive Movement Cycle. I will be moving around people who are inactive frequently and promoting very frequent, deserving users.
Note: If you go on vacation and you have no idea if an IMC is coming soon, tell me about it and tell me when you get back. If you warn me in advance, you will be safe from the movement.