I wish to make it the goal of all of BMN to be the greatest at what we do. My goal is to have at least five BMN member-made saves on the first page at the same time, and that whenever someone searches the words Ship, Weapon or Bomb, they see BMN member-made saves first.
This is the logo for BMN. It would benefit us a lot if you could put one of these logos into your saves.
Original version made by vusicia, improved by Hopian, further improved by nucular, Rank Specific Shoulder Boards by Mrprocom

Awards and Achievements

This section is a listing of all awards and achievements one can earn to be put on their record. If you believe you have already earned an award, but it isn't on your record yet, please message the current Fleet Admiral.

Brilliant Minds of the Navy Award
Recruiting Award
  • Recruiting 5 people recruited
  • Recruiting 10 people
  • Recruiting 15 people
  • Recruiting 20 people
  • Recruiting 30 people
Front Page Saves Award
  • Front Page 1 save was on the FP
  • Front Page 3 saves
  • Front Page 5 saves
  • Front Page 10 saves
  • Front Page 20 saves
Offworld Governor Award
  • Offworld Governor Has created a BMN forum expansion that has recruited 5 members
  • Offworld Governor 7 members
  • Offworld Governor 10 members
  • Offworld Governor 12 members
  • Offworld Governor 15+ members
Project Manager Badge
  • Project Manager Worked as the Project Manager on a BMN Group Project
  • Project Manager The Group Project save received Front Page
Critical Contribution Award
  • Critical Contribution Nominal Contribution. Helped the Group in one way or another.
  • Critical Contribution Made a Contribution that greatly helped the group, and continues to function to this day.
  • Critical Contribution Made a Contribution that is now integral to the group and it's function.
Executive Officer Badge
Executive Officer Was the Executive Officer for at least 4 days
Admirals Counsel Badge
Admirals Counsel Was a member of the AC for at least 7 days
Technical Award
Technical Did something to help the BMN IRC channel
Electrician Award
Electrician Shows great skills in the electronic area of TPT
Weapons Specialist Award
Weapons Specialist Shows great skill in the weaponry aspect of TPT
Colonist Award
Colonist Successfully created a BMN expansion group on another forum
Commanding Officer Badge
Commanding Officer Was the Commanding Officer for at least 7 days
Leadership Award
Leadership Shows exceptional skill at being a leader
Electrician Award
Electrician Shows great skills in the electronic area of TPT

Group Project Method

Projects will be the collaborative efforts of the group to make great additions to the Powder Toy realm.

How to do a project
  1. Upload the initial save
  2. The next person to work on it does so and uploads it
  3. Cycle continues
  4. The project gets finished
  5. It gets uploaded under the initial creators account. Credit is given to all helpers. Include all ranks.

The initial creator has full direction, unless overridden by the AC.

If you wish to advertise this group, make sure you are smart about it. If you made a thread and you wish to advertise BMN inside it, go ahead. I'm just warning you though, it almost always kills the topic.
You may message people over the PM system, but please make sure you let them know that your message isn't spam, just an invite. Do not get into fights with people about this. If they say no, you say okay and move on.
Even if they give you a highly invalid reason, do not fight with them over it. They are entitled to their own opinions.
Happy advertising.